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Buying Used Cars Is The New Wave

 When someone needed a new car that all they had to do was decide what make and model they wanted and take a trip down to the nearest dealership that carried them and buy a car. New cars were preferred because they came with a new car warranty that covered the car bumper to bumper. […]

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Switching to Hydrogen Cars For Massive Savings

Author: Arthur Maxwell Alternative energy vehicles are quickly becoming more popular among consumers. Soaring fuel prices have triggered a wave of price increases. Amidst inflation and a higher cost of living, rising fuel prices have hit the wallets of motorists hard, especially as the US economy enters a recession. As consumers look for alternative energy […]

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Hydrogen Fuel Car – How You Can Profit From Hydrogen Car Conversion Now

Author: Mei Fontana The hydrogen fuel car has finally caught the attention of the automobile manufacturers and it was high time! The powerful car industry is now researching seriously the promising potential of hydrogen fuel for the average consumer. In short, the new hydrogen technology for vehicles is studying feasible ways to convert hydrogen into […]

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What’s The Best Diesel Car?

Author: Mike Reitz What’s the best diesel car and what should I look for? You may be pondering this if you are interested in saving money on gas. Diesel gasoline may cost you approximately.25 cents more per gallon but because of the increased fuel efficiency you will save money over the long haul. Most cars […]

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Is a Diesel Car Better Than a Petrol Car?

Author: Dan Hackett I personally have owned a good deal of diesel powered cars in my time and over the years they have definitely gotten better. Like myself if you have owned a diesel car you will no doubt shave already seen the advantages that the diesel engine car has. A diesel car normally has […]

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Importance of Electric Car Parts in Hybrid car

Author: Arindam Chattopadhyaya  Electric cars are getting commonplace day by day thanks to the fact that they have become very efficient to run and very cheap to maintain but just like any other vehicle, electric cars also suffer the wear and tear of time and the electric car parts need to be replaced and repaired. This […]

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